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What is the best way to spend my extra cash: pay down my student loans, buy life insurance, or invest it in stocks or mutual funds?


iPlan started out with a question. After a close friend had sought financial advice from a handful of experts and firms and they were not surprised that they all wanted his money. What was amazing to learn was that they all had different ideas about how to prioritize goals and what to invest in. Each expert wanted to focus on the goal that would ultimately help that expert make money. Like many people, this friend became confused, distrustful and unsure.

At iPlan, we understand the perspective of both the experts and the confused customer. After all, many of us at iPlan have been focused on helping people decide how to invest and how to gather money to drive revenue for the firms we worked for and with.

So when we tried to answer the question looking only from the customer’s point of view, we discovered simple truths related to financial matters that ultimately inspired us to create iPlan.

  • Financial planning is the understanding of how to prioritize goals and decisions in order to achieve all of your financial goals.
  • Financial planning decisions can be prioritized, measured, and even scored.
  • The future is not predictable, exclusive use of a forecasting tool as means to develop a financial plan is reckless.
  • The decisions you make about your goals are AS or MORE important than the investments you select for them.
  • The best investment solution focuses first on the risks you are trying to overcome related to a specific goal.>
  • A great financial plan does not necessarily mean you have achieved the best investment return.
  • Great investment strategies are not always just insurance or investments. They can be a combination of insurance, investments, bank products, real estate and other products.

As we shared these simple truths, people began to respond positively to them and our group of leaders and influencers started to grow. iPlan is the product of several years of effort from a dedicated and talented team who share a passion for delivering these simple truths to YOU in a cool, free, easy and fun way.

We hope you enjoy iPlan, and better yet, we hope it helps you take control of your financial life!

Warm regards and best wishes in all of your financial pursuits!